Retirement Calculator

How much do you need in retirement, and how much do you need to save now so that you can have the type of retirement you want? We've put together this tool to help you visualize how much to save and what your finances might look like once you retire.

To use the retirement calculator, manually enter the values or use the sliders to change the values.

You will need a month after you retire.

You will recieve from Social Security, and your retirement investments will pay a month.

That will leave you with a shortfall of a month.

Social Security
* Values Shown are pre-tax in today's dollars and assume 3% inflation.

What do these retirement calculator results mean?

While the results above are strictly hypothetical, they give you an estimate of expected annual cash flow during your retirement years. There are many important factors to consider when planning for your retirement, but this information will help you get started.