Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Overall Client Satisfaction Rating: 96%

In a client satisfaction survey conducted by Chatham Partners, an independent leading market research firm, 96% of respondents gave Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions a “Best-in-Class” score for overall satisfaction.


Client feedback is vital to any organization, and it is especially important to Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions as it helps uncover how well a company is doing at meeting and exceeding client expectations for 401(k) plan management and employee support. Here is some of what Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions heard through in their 2017 client satisfaction survey:

  • Easy to do Business with: 100% of respondents gave us a "Best-in-Class" Score.
  • Overall Client Satisfaction: 96%, much higher than the industry benchmark of only 81%.
  • In-Person Meetings: 100% of respondents gave us a "Best-in-Class" score.
  • Investment Management Expertise: 94% of respondents gave us a "Best-in-Class" score.
  • Managing Plan Sponsor Success: 95% of respondents gave us a "Best-in-Class" score.
  • Understanding Plan and Participant Goals: 96% of respondents gave our Retirement Counselors and Support Team a "Best-in-Class" score.
  • Help with Education and Enrollment Meetings: 93% of respondents gave our Retirement Counselors and Support Team a "Best-in-Class" score.


Attributes % of Clients Rating Providers “Best In Class” (Scoring 6 - 7)
Fisher Investments
401(k) Solutions
Overall Satisfaction with Fisher Investments
  95.8% 81.0%
Overall Impressions
Treatment as an important client 97.9% 80.0%
Offers a full range of services 91.3% 79.0%
Provides good value for the money 84.8% 75.0%
Easy to do business with 100% 79.0%
Has helpful support staff 100% 74.2%
Is innovative 82.6% 65.7%
Would recommend to others 89.6% n/a
Proactively offers new ideas and solutions 81.8% 67.3%
Has an excellent reputation 84.1% 76.0%
Retirement Counselor and Support Team
Investment management expertise 93.6% 78.8%
Understanding of plan and participant goals 95.7% 74.0%
Support with managing fiduciary responsibility 93.5% 83.5%
Assistance with enrollment / education meetings 93.6% 70.7%
Knowledge of available solutions in the marketplace 91.1% 77.0%
Overall retirement industry knowledge / expertise 93.5% 85.0%
Overall Satisfaction with Frequency of Quality of Contact
  91.5% 80.8%
In Person Meetings
Frequency 82.6% 74.2%
Quality 97.8% 81.3%
Value 97.8% 78.4%
Level of Preparation 100% 79.4%
Quality of presentation materials 95.7% 74.0%
Overall Satisfaction 100% 78.1%
Other Correspondence
Frequency 91.5% 78.1%
Quality 95.7% 76.0%
Value 91.3% 71.9%
Level of preparation 97.9% 79.2%
Quality of materials / ideas shared 93.5% 76.8%
Overall Satisfaction 93.6% 79.6%
Overall Satisfaction with Support in Managing Participant Success
  90.5% 73.2%
Investment Review
Frequency 85.3% 74.2%
Quality 91.2% 75.5%
Value 90.9% 78.6%
Level of preparation 93.9% 76.5%
Overall Satisfaction 93.9% 78.6%
Plan Fees and Expenses Review
Frequency 75.8% 75.3%
Quality 87.5% 76.3%
Value 84.4% 71.1%
Level of preparation 90.0% 78.4%
Overall Satisfaction 81.3% 76.3%
Plan Design Review
Frequency 90.0% 78.4%
Quality 90.3% 82.7%
Value 90.3% 74.5%
Level of preparation 93.5% 78.6%
Overall Satisfaction 90.3% 77.3%
Overall Satisfaction with Fiduciary Support
  93.0% 80.0%
Plan Sponsor Fiduciary Responsibility Review
Frequency 87.5% 82.2%
Quality 96.9% 80.2%
Value 96.9% 78.3%
Level of preparation 96.9% 78.3%
Overall Satisfaction 96.9% 74.0%
Fiduciary Comfort
Your understanding of your fiduciary responsibilities 69.8% 80.6%
In fulfilling your fiduciary responsibilities 65.1% 80.6%
Overall Satisfaction with Support in Managing Plan Sponsor Success
  94.9% 79.4%
Participant Retirement Preparedness Review
Frequency 86.1% 80.0%
Quality 94.4% 70.5%
Value 88.9% 74.5%
Level of preparation 94.4% 75.8%
Overall Satisfaction 88.6% 78.1%
Participant Services
Group education / enrollment meetings 93.3% 76.9%
Educational webinars 90.0% n/a
Quarterly newsletters 88.6% n/a
One-on-one meetings 91.1% n/a



Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions hired an independent leading market research firm, Chatham Partners, to conduct the client satisfaction survey from July through September 2017. Respondents were asked to rate Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions on the attributes shown in the chart above, using a scale of 1 (very dissatisfied, strongly disagree, very uncomfortable) to 7 (very satisfied, strongly agree, very comfortable). Ratings of 6 or 7 are considered “Best-In-Class.” Chatham Partners invited 147 contacts of 99 current clients of Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions to participate. A total of 48 contacts (33%) responded, representing 44 (44%) of all clients invited. All responses are included in the results.

Chatham Partners created a benchmark for comparison to the Fisher Investments 401(k) Solutions results. The benchmark was based on survey responses from 100 plan sponsors; people responsible for managing their company’s 401(k) plan. To be included in the benchmark, respondents had to utilize a retirement plan advisor and either have final decision making authority or influence on decisions made for the plan.

The resulting ratings are not representative of any one client's experience because the rating reflects an average of all, or a sample of all, client experiences and are not indicative of future performance.

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