When it comes to marketing for your small business, it’s hard to find a more attractive and timely tactic than video content marketing. Recent studies have shown nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product before visiting a store,1 and consumers who view video prior to shopping are almost twice as likely to purchase the product than a non-viewer.2 And with the abundance of handheld devices we use on a daily or even hourly basis, your current or potential customers may be just a click or tap away. Perhaps that’s why a study performed by Adobe found that over half of marketers named video as the type of content with the best ROI.3

So how do you get started with producing simple videos for your business? We’ve collected some ideas and tools to help you think about the types of videos you can produce, and also the tools available to you to edit your video content easily and affordably.

Simple Video Ideas

When you think about how your brand can use video to connect with your audiences online, it’s important to focus on what you can produce easily, and what kinds of content will be likely to connect with your ideal customers. You can make a significant impact with videos that will be natural and easy for you to produce, leaning on your expertise and the relationships you have with existing customers.

  • Product Descriptions: If your business sells physical products, you can use video to give potential customers an in-depth look at your offerings. Use an internal product expert as a host or narrator, and show off some features or use cases for your products in a short video.
  • Virtual Tours: For those businesses whose physical space or digital platforms are what’s for sale, virtual tours can help online shoppers visualize your space without having to purchase it or visit firsthand. For physical spaces, walk a camera through and highlight key features. For digital platforms, use screen capture tools and a microphone to narrate a demonstration of how you use the software.
  • Educational Content: Your internal subject matter experts have a wealth of knowledge to share about your industry. You can interview your experts on topics of interest to your audiences, or ask them to speak to niche topics more easily communicated via video than written content.
  • Testimonials and Interviews: Perhaps the easiest video a small business can produce is the testimonial or interview video. Set up a tripod and ask a trusted customer or industry expert to sit for an interview. Ask simple questions about the subject’s experience of your brand, and edit together the best responses into a 1-minute or 2-minute video for a quick and emotionally resonant testimonial.

Video is the type of content with the best ROI, according to over half of marketers surveyed by Adobe.

Desktop Video Editing Software

When it comes time to shoot and edit your video content, you can choose to outsource the work, but you’ll be paying close to $1500 on average for each project.4 With the array of affordable video editing software on the market, you might consider producing the content in-house. But how do you know which program will suit the needs of your business and make it easiest for you to accomplish your vision? Here’s a selection of top-rated computer software to consider.

  • Adobe Premier Pro CC For those looking to jump right in, Adobe’s Premiere Pro edition has been heralded as the complete package of editing tools, all in an easy-to-understand platform.5 The program supports whatever your camera of choice may be, even 8k footage and VR video. PC Mag highlighted the ability to choose which basic hotkey functions like “Stop” or “Play” to display, and which to hide if you don’t use them often.6 Additionally, the newest version has boosted audio engineering capabilities, meaning you’ll be able to stay in stride with the professionals.7 As a final plus, Premiere is part of the Adobe product family, meaning that if you’re already paying for a subscription to all of the Adobe suite, you can start editing your videos with the program. ($19.99/mo for single app, $49.99/mo for all Adobe apps)

    • Customizable hotkeys for easy control
    • Supports 8k video and VR
    • Part of the Adobe suite, which many businesses already subscribe to
    • Subscription-based pricing, which can add up over time
    • More expensive to use if you don’t want other Adobe apps

    Video_Diagram3_360 800.jpg

  • iMovie For the particularly cost-conscious business, iMovie offers a great starting point for simple, professional-looking content. iMovie comes preinstalled on any Mac computer purchased after 2010, or can be downloaded for free from the App store.8 The video engine can support the 4k video you shoot on your professional camera, meaning you’re able to transform footage into beautiful and impressive clips. When working on those videos, you’ll use an incredibly simplified interface that has made iMovie a very easy video editor for beginners and pros alike. Among the tools at hand are a green screen feature that will allow you to get as creative as you want to be, as well as other special effects and filters that will let you add depth to your production. Lastly, the program is fully compatible with the iPhone 6 and above, meaning even without access to a professional camera, you only need to reach as far as your pocket to start showing off your business’ cinematic side through video content marketing. (Free for Mac users)

    • Comes pre-installed for free on Mac computers
    • Integrates easily with iPhone cameras
    • Simple special effects and filters
    • Only available for Mac
    • Doesn’t support VR or resolution over 4k

    Video_Diagram1_BuyIt 800px.jpg

  • Corel VideoStudio Ultimate X10 VideoStudio’s biggest selling point is a huge array of tools and features beyond basic clipping and transitions. If you’ve got a filmmaking streak and don’t want your creativity to be stifled by software limitations, then this is the program for you. 3D and 4K video formats are supported, as is the emerging trend of 360° video. Though the 360° format has mostly been used for events like concerts or sports, a study showed that 41% of people interviewed enjoyed the dynamic scope of 360° video when it gave them a chance to “demo a product” before buying it.9 With Corel’s massive amount of editing features, this program certainly falls into the “enthusiast” category of interested buyers. Still, there’s no doubt it will provide your company with highly professional-looking videos – as long as it’s in the right person’s hands. ($79.99 for full program)

    • Supports 3D and 360°video
    • One-time cost makes it cheaper than subscription-based programs
    • Highest resolution is 4k
    • Requires more advanced knowledge level to use well

Mobile Video Apps

In addition to desktop video editing software, there are also many mobile apps available that will allow you to shoot, edit, and even publish your videos all from your smartphone or tablet. Here’s the top app for iOS and the top app for Android to get you started.

  • iMovie for iOS Video review A sort of companion app to the desktop version of iMovie, Apple’s iMovie for iOS has recently undergone a ground-up overhaul. Designed to allow users to easily edit video on the go, iMovie allows you to start a project on an iPhone, then pick it up later on an iPad.10 If you’re using your iPhone to shoot video, this app is especially easy to use, as it has an extension that integrates with the native iPhone Photos app to easily let you grab video clips and add them to a video project. Additionally, you can use any music in your phone’s iTunes library. Once you’re finished, you can share your content directly to YouTube or Vimeo, or even post it to your brand’s Facebook page. (Free)

    • Seamless integration into your phone’s operating system
    • Share videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more
    • Only available on iOS devices
    • Some features require iPhone 6s or later devices
  • Videoshop – Video Editor Video Reviews Videoshop is the highest rated video editor app in the Google Play store that allows you to merge multiple video clips into a single project.11 This app boasts many of the features of a desktop editor, including transitions, easy voiceover recording, high-resolution content, and text overlays. It also comes pre-loaded with sound effects and slow-motion features. Videoshop is very social focused, with the ability to export videos directly to Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, You-Tube, or Vimeo. (Free with ads and limited features, $1.99 to remove ads and unlock all features)

    • Easy to record voiceovers for your video using your phone
    • Intuitive interface
    • Free version is limited and has ads
    • Depending on your Android device, it can run slow

    Average cost of video cost editing

Whatever your choice of software to do it, creating video content is a great way to engage your audience and move them one step further down your lead generation funnel. The ability to shoot product descriptions, give virtual tours, and share educational content increases your visibility and attracts new customers. Don’t let the idea that fancy equipment and a film crew is needed stop you from getting in on the major returns video marketing on social media can bring to a small business. With these tools, novices and experts alike can shoot professional quality content without all of the resources.,2817,2365578,00.asp,2817,2365578,00.asp