Investment Methods for Every Style

You may have some employees who are investment savvy and want a way to select their own stocks, funds, etc. And you might have the opposite; employees who want to invest in their 401(k) plan but don’t know where to start. Most companies have employees with a range of investment styles and preferencesand trying to accommodate all of them can be a challenge. We offer services that provide each employee the level of help and flexibility they’re seeking. Take a look at the four methods below created to meet your employees’ diverse needs.


Consists of default fund options for people who don’t want to make a decision about how to invest their retirement savings. These employees:

  • Want to keep it simple
  • Are not comfortable or knowledgeable in making investment decisions
  • Do not want to spend time on making investment decisions
Flexible 401(k)


Many employees want to be involved in selecting funds for their 401(k) account, but need help or education in choosing a portfolio based on their goals and that best suits their life circumstances.

  • For these individuals, we provide a tool called the Retirement Navigator, which helps educate them to select a portfolio consisting of investments most appropriate for their personal situation
  • Our Retirement Navigator methodology is based on the same thorough process we use to help our more than 48,000 high-net-worth investors*
Small Business 401(k) flexibility

Select My Own Fund Mix

We understand some employees prefer to select their own investments rather than choose from pre-designed model portfolios. For investors who want to select their own fund mix:

  • They may have sufficient knowledge about capital markets to properly select and diversify their retirement portfolios
  • We offer the ability to choose from professionally-managed, proprietary funds, advised by Fisher, available exclusively through 401(k) Solutions
Medium Size Flexible 401(k) plan

Open My Own Brokerage Account

For individuals who are investment-savvy or who want more expansive investment options.

  • Individuals in this category can open a Self-Directed Brokerage Account (SDBA)**
  • A wide array of investment options available within their SDBA, with thousands of mutual funds, stocks and bonds
  • Ability to hire an outside investment adviser to manage their 401(k) investments and outside assets holistically***

* As of 6/30/2018.

** An SDBA may not be appropriate for every plan or every employee. Your 401(k) custodian determines the maximum percentage of an employee’s 401(k) assets that may be invested in an SDBA.

** Employees may choose any investment adviser, or no investment adviser, to manage the assets in their SDBA. If Fisher Investments serves as a fiduciary under ERISA with respect to an employee’s SDBA, the plan’s fiduciaries will not be liable for the employee’s selection of Fisher Investments. It is important to note that any services provided by Fisher Investments through an SDBA at an additional fee are not considered a feature of the plan, and therefore, each employee who elects to engage Fisher Investments in this regard must enter into a separate arrangement with Fisher Investments.

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