Introducing Your Retirement Counselor: A Dedicated Resource

At the center of our service is your dedicated Retirement Counselor.

It’s a service model that Fisher Investments has relied on for 35 years to deliver impressive levels of client services.

Small business 401(k) advisor

Scope of Services

Our exceptional service model gives employers a responsive and proactive single point of contact.

  • Manage the plan conversion process from start to finish
  • Design your enrollment day to be tailored to your specific workforce and culture
  • Serve as the liaison to your plan’s recordkeeper and third party administrator
  • Help prepare for and attend your company’s 401(k) committee meetings
  • Assist with your audit files in preparation for regulatory audits
  • Conduct annual plan performance reviews and consult on design enhancements
401(k) Retirement counselor

Their Goal

The Retirement Counselor’s focus is two-fold:

  • To help you make the job of managing your company’s retirement plan easier.
  • To help you, your business and your employees get the most from your 401(k) plan.
Professional profile 401(k)

Professional Profile

  • Not sales people. They do not earn commissions.
  • Specialize in counseling and helping people from all walks of life to plan for retirement.
  • 401(k) plan specialists who focus on making sure your business gets all the benefits it should as a 401(k) plan provider.
  • Experience through a wide variety of market cycles and have helped many people avoid the pitfalls that far too often plague investors.