403(b) Plans

A 403(b) plan is a type of retirement plan for non-profit organizations.

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What is a 403(b) Plan?

A 403(b) plan is a type of retirement plan for the employees of certain non-profit organizations like schools, hospitals, charities, and churches. Click here for more details on the types of tax-exempt organizations who can offer a 403(b) plan.

  • How it works

    Similar to a 401(k) plan, a 403(b) plan allows employees to save a percentage of their salary, tax-deferred, and invest that money for retirement.

  • How a 403(b) is different

    A 403(b) is different than a 401(k) in some ways, including investment options, and some administration processes.

  • How Fisher can help

    Fisher is one of America's top advisory firms with deep experience helping nonprofits navigate evaluating and setting up a 403(b) tailored to their objectives.

Must-see 2-Minute Video

Is Your 403(b) Costing Your Employees Big?

Watch this short video from a non-profit plan retirement specialist to learn more about the difference between non-annuity and annuity 403(b) plans.

Compare 403(b) Solutions

There are two main types of 403(b) solutions: annuity based or non-annuity based. Unfortunately, more than half of all 403(b) plans are on an annuity platform, which is an outdated system that could be charging participants higher fees.

Plan Participant Case Study

See how a participant can benefit when an employer moves from an annuity based to a non-annuity based 403(b) solution.

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3 Ways Your 403(b) Costs You Big

Download our free guide to learn how your 403(b) could be costing participants higher fees.

Why Work with Fisher

Fisher redefines what it means to be a partner in retirement by providing superior guidance, unparalleled service and simple and easy program administration.

  • Your Interests First

    Incentive structures that are aligned with your success. No revenue sharing, no kick-backs or commissions. When you do better, we do better.

  • DIFY (Do It For You) Approach

    Our servicing solutions focus on doing everything we can for you. From acting as a single point of contact for your plan to selecting your investments, we provide services that many other advisers can’t or won’t provide.

  • Superior Financial Guidance

    As one of America’s top financial advisors, we work with you to build the optimal program and provide ongoing one-on-one financial guidance to maximize wealth generation.

  • Small Business Expertise

    We specialize in small business retirement plans. As a result, we act as your advocate and have the knowledge, resources and clout to champion your needs.

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Your 403(b) could be costing participants higher fees.
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