Starting a Retirement Plan

State-Mandated Retirement Plans Comparison Chart

Business owners in CA, OR, NJ, CT, and IL either do or will have to offer a retirement plan, but it doesn’t have to be the state-offered retirement plan. If a business offers a 401(k) (or other qualified retirement plan), they meet the state’s requirements. For a quick comparison of state-mandated IRAs to other retirement plans, check out this comparison chart.

Cash Balance Program

Cash Balance Plan Infographic

Would you like to save $250,000 or more, pre-tax? This Cash Balance infographic shows you how to unlock the avenues available for small business owners to turbo-charge retirement savings and dramatically reduce taxes.

401k Best Practices

401(k) Plan Insights Across Industries

See How Industries Compare

The fact is that every industry has different needs when creating a 401(k) plan that works. We've collected 401(k) plan statistics across a number of industries to help you see how your industry compares to others. 

View the data for this cross-industry comparison. 

401k Best Practices

401(k) Plan Comparison - Three Key Areas

Understanding how your 401(k) retirement plan compares with other companies’ 401(k) plans gives you better insight into what’s working and not working in your plan. In this overview, take a look at three key areas in 401(k) plan and adviser benchmarking — from service providers, to administrative and fund fees and employee engagement.

401k Best Practices

401(k) and Payroll Integration

Payroll integration can make your 401(k) plan much easier to manage. There are several types of payroll integration that can be leveraged. This infographic shares two ways; 180 degree and 360 degree payroll and 401(k) integration.

401k Best Practices

401(k) Service Provider Infographic

Understanding each 401(k) service provider’s role and responsibility is important to the success of your plan. In this overview, learn what is expected from a Plan Sponsor, Investment Adviser, TPA and Recordkeeper.

401k Fees And Performance

Q4 2017 Market Outlook Infographic

Check out this infographic to see the nine reasons why, in Q4 2017, Fisher Investments did not predict a bear market on the horizon. Stock market trends can be difficult to predict, especially if you follow news stories creating worry and stress for the investor. That’s why we develop timely market insights for our clients to help them navigate today’s economic trends.

401k Best Practices

401(k) Fees Overview

Understanding your 401(k) plan fees is important when determining if they are necessary and reasonable. Plans may charge just one fee, or any combination of fees depending on your service providers. This outline addresses the three main types of fees common to 401(k) plans and how to look for hidden fees.

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