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401k Best Practices

Form 5500 Filing Instructions

Find out when and how to file the Form 5500 for your small business 401(k) with these Form 5500 instructions. While some service providers will prepare, sign, and even file this annual reporting document on your behalf, you can follow this simple walkthrough to electronically file on your own.

401k Best Practices

401(k) Plan Comparison - Three Key Areas

Understanding how your 401(k) retirement plan compares with other companies’ 401(k) plans gives you better insight into what’s working and not working in your plan. In this overview, take a look at three key areas in 401(k) plan and adviser benchmarking — from service providers, to administrative and fund fees and employee engagement.

401k Best Practices

Benchmark Your Company 401(k) - Part 1

In part one of this educational Benchmarking Your Company’s 401(k) video series, you’ll learn strategies to find typical 401(k) fees. Additionally, the information shows how the fees you pay and service you receive differ among your service providers and 401(k) plan adviser. You’ll also see how the features of your retirement plan design might affect how your employees use the plan.

401k Best Practices

Benchmark Your Company 401(k) - Part 2

In part two of this educational Benchmarking Your Company’s 401(k) video series, you’ll learn how to benchmark the performance, investment risk, and behavior of the investments in your 401(k) retirement plan. We’ll also discuss the types of funds in your plan, how different investment share classes can affect your total 401(k) fund fees and costs, and the importance of employee engagement.

401k Best Practices

Why Benchmark Your Company 401(k) Plan?

See how your company 401(k) compares with other companies’ 401(k) plans by using retirement plan benchmarking. In this introduction to the educational Benchmarking Your Company’s 401(k) video series, you’ll discover why making the right decisions for your company’s 401(k) plan shouldn’t be guesswork. This video reveals ways plan and adviser benchmarking can help you improve your company’s retirement plan.

401k Best Practices

Maximize 401(k) Participation

Your employees love the 401(k) plan because it gives them an opportunity to achieve their retirement dreams. As a business owner, that makes you feel good. Of course, you have the same opportunity. The key is to take full advantage of your plan. This short video offers 7 great tips you can begin to implement today to improve employee participation.

401k And Your Employees

Money Minute Video: Budgeting

A smart budget can reduce your debt, increase your saving and help you take control of your financial future. Your Money Minute is a series of short two-minute videos focusing on a variety of personal finance topics. We provide these types of videos to our clients' participants to provide them with important, practical, relevant information and help them get the most from the company’s 401(k) plan.

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